How did Precision Builders Build such a good reputation?


Our satisfied customers know that our word is our commitment. We will never make idle promises we cannot keep or that we have no intention of keeping.


With your help, and barring any extreme weather, you can depend upon us to complete your home on schedule and on budget.


We recognize that building a home is a dynamic process. We are flexible enough to make the changes necessary to make your house into the home of your dreams.

 We will do our best to meet your wishes by working for you and with you.


Quality counts, so don’t be fooled by low allowances in a contractor’s bid.

 To make a good bid comparison, take our base price – without allowances – and compare it to the base price offered by other builders. Then separately consider your budget for cabinets, carpeting, lighting, and other amenities.

 We believe we offer the best value vs. cost per sq. ft. rate that you will find anywhere in this area.

Limited Commitments

Taking on more jobs than we can manage at any given time is in neither our, nor your, best interest.

 Unlike some contractors, we will not overextend ourselves.

Superior Details

We do many little things to make our homes superior that most builders don’t even think about, or know about. We build to rigid specifications that go well beyond the enforced codes.

 One example is that we build the frame of the home in a way that allows us to do a better job of insulating.

 Another is to eliminate floor squeaks, we not only screw the sub-floor down but also screw the bottom plates of the interior walls to the floor. We have found over the years that this is a major contributor to eliminating squeaky floors.

Daily On-Site Supervision

A foreman visits every home site at least once each day to assure that quality work is being done.

Sub-Contractor Relationships

We hire only friendly, efficient and reliable subcontractors who do high quality, cost effective work. 

Most have worked for us for years.